Piano Key–Recovering


Left Pic – Kids with a stick…..not good for Piano Keys
Right Pic – Partially removed chipped key top



Left Pic – Removing the rest of the key top
Right Pic – the “Remnants”



Left Pic – “Whoops” in removing key tops – will be glued back down
Right Pic – Gluing the “whoops”



Left Pic – New key tops
Right Pic – Matched and ready for gluing



Left Pic ā€“ Clamped
Right Pic – Key tops done – ready for trimming



Left Pic – Don’t drop a key after it’s done…..had to re-do this one
Right Pic ā€“ Trimming



Keys replaced – Client knew the color would be somewhat different, and was ok with that…looks worse in the picture…. in the home, the color is much closer

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