Knabe Pedal Lyre Repair

Moved an older Knabe Grand for a client. The pedal lyre was beginning to come unglued. I disassembled it, cleaned up the joints, and re-glued. Good for another 100 years!!!

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Grand Leg – Moving Damage

House movers decided to try and tip the piano over on it’s side without taking the bass side leg off. Needless to say, they broke the leg. I was able to fit it back together and glue it up. The leg repair is slightly visible, due to the type of finish, but from 3 feet away it’s not really noticeable.

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Yes, I repair moving damage

Moving pianos sometimes cause damage. Spindle legs on small vertical pianos are especially susceptible. This piano got damaged during a move. I was able to repair the damage, but sadly, forgot to take an after picture.

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Gluing Hammers

Hammers are beginning to come apart on a school piano. I’m gluing and clamping them. Less expensive than a new set of hammers.

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A couple of emailed reviews I’ve recently received

“I recently had my piano tuned by Joel R. Smith, piano and tuning service. He arrived promptly and the appointment was easy to schedule. He was meticulous, extremely knowledgeable and his prices were very fair. In addition to doing a wonderful job of tuning my piano, he also adjusted one of the pedals. I look forward to the annual tuning check.” – Susan S in Ocean View DE

“Of all the piano tuners/technicians and movers with whom I’ve worked, Joel is by far the best in this area! Whether he is moving or tuning your piano, he is very dependable and honest in taking care of your instrument. I have two Steinway M’s from 1940 in my home that I feel I can trust Joel to care for. He will help you make the right decisions for your instrument and your needs.  I can’t recommend Joel highly enough!” Cheryl F in Ocean Pines, MD

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Forklift Grand Piano Move

Moving a Yamaha Grand off a deck with the help of a Bobcat forklift in Metompkin, VA.


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Throwback Piano Work – Steinway

This is an older Steinway upright in a church. Considering the age, it is in surprisingly good condition. Needed some damper levers replaced, as well as a few other minor things.

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Piano Fallboard Lock

Pianos in schools and other institutions can be protected with a fallboard lock…. And yes I sell and install these.

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Piano Bench Repair

I also repair piano benches and case work on pianos. This Steinway bench had come unglued and was about to collapse.

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Cleaning Ivory Keys on Baldwin 9

Below are some photos of the ivory keys on the Baldwin 9 from the other day, before and after cleaning.

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