Jeffrey B. – Google
Joel was on-time, polite and tuned my older piano expertly to A 440!

Ann B. – Google & Angies List
Joel did a great tuning job, and even better was his professionalism. He sent email confirmations and a reminder. He was an time (actually a little bit early) and would have phoned if something were going to delay him. He had to come a long way, and I”m thankful to have found out about him.

Jason P. – Google
Joel was a pleasure to have in my home. He was very professional and knew a lot about tuning a piano. I didn’t think my piano could sound any different but he sure made it sound great!! Thank you.

Tom T. – Facebook
When my father passed away in 2007, he left me his piano and I promised him I’d continue to play it and enjoy it. When I sold my house in 2013 and moved back to Salisbury, the piano went into storage for four years. Thanks to Joel, it was recently moved back into my family home where it belongs and tuned. Working with Joel was easy, since he is very courteous and professional. He explained everything thoroughly and the price was very reasonable. I’d highly recommend Joel Smith Music, and I certainly intend to continue to be his customer for future needs!

Lauren A. – Google
I really appreciate everything Joel did to help get our old and neglected piano back into shape. Now it plays beautifully! He explained everything before he did anything, and gave me different options and recommendations how to best address our problems. He was very knowledgeable, professional, and punctual too! The tuning was also very reasonably priced. I highly recommend working with him.

Nora K. – Facebook
Joel R. Smith did an outstanding job on our piano! He is professional, prompt and reasonably priced. We will definitely call on him again!!

Edwina K. – Facebook
Joel did a wonderful job tuning our piano. He was prompt, professional and his pricing was very reasonable. I will be calling him next year when it is time to tune again!

Roy S. – Facebook
A fine tuning was delivered by Mr. Smith to my recently moved Baldwin “L”. The temperment was even and consistent, the unisons smooth, and the sound restored to its bright Baldwin shimmer. Thank you, Joel.

Elizabeth B. – Google
Joel did a great job tuning my piano after another tuner botched the tuning. He is very pleasant and seems to be very knowledgeable. I also like his online reminders and scheduling.

Kathryn W. – Facebook
Joel did an excellent job of tuning our horribly out-of-tune piano. He spent quite a bit of time working on the piano until it was perfect. He communicated well about the appointment time, arrived on time, and stayed until the piano was repaired and in tune. We highly recommend him!

Tan H – Google
It was my first time to use Joel R. Smith Piano Tuning and Service. I was very impressed with his service. He was very friendly, showed up on time, he got the job done fairly quick,and he used top notch equipment. Most importantly, my piano sounds amazing, on key, and I definitely would recommend him to all my family and friends.

Phil Perdue – Facebook
Joel has moved pianos, tuned pianos, repaired pianos and replaced pianos that I either play, own or are associated with. He is very professional, capable and dependable. He is willing not only to do all these things but will do research on your behalf to give you the proper answer to your situation. I depend on his service and I am glad he is available. If you have a piano, want a piano or want to know information about a piano, give him a call.

Cary C. – Emailed
Our piano had suffered a long distance move and quite a long period of neglect, but Joel left it sounding like the day we bought it–absolutely delightful to listen to!  His service was professional yet personal, and he gave it all the time it needed to get the job done right.  He also had some excellent advice on other instrument repair questions that we had.  No need to look any further–he’s an excellent technician and resource advisor.

Donna S. – Facebook
Joel provides excellent, timely service. Highly recommended.

D.C. Wright Google
I have had Joel tune the baby grand piano at my church twice. He was punctual and very professional during both experiences. He did an excellent job with the tuning and the piano sounds great. I was delighted that he shared with me other services that he provides. I will definitely continue to use him for maintenance and repair of our instruments.

Joy S. Facebook
Joel does an outstanding job, and very professional. I trust only him with my pianos!

Mary C.-J. – Emailed
Hi Joel,
I do not have accounts at google or Angies list. Would REALY love to help, you do a great job! You can use me for any referral. Use my email and just let me know you have given it out.   Best wishes & Happy Thanksgiving –  Mary C.-J.

Ted D.Facebook
Highly recommend!!

Melissa R. – Angie’s List Non-Member Review
Moved a “one of a kind” antique grand piano.  Has also tuned the piano twice since.

When we bought a new house I dreaded the thought of moving this piano – it is 6.5′ in length and approximately 100 years old.  A previous mover damaged the piano so I was leery of another move.  I contacted Joel and described the job which would require steps at both houses.  This is a “one of a kind” piano and he was concerned about not being familiar with what would be needed. At his request I took pictures of the leg attachments and he asked questions on various online forums for piano professionals.  Not knowing what he was facing he arrived with one more person than customary. The move went off without a hitch.

On subsequent visits Joel has tuned the piano, successfully, twice – despite my being told by other tuners it was “untunable” or “it won’t stay tuned”.  The first tuning took place a few weeks after moving to give the piano time to adjust to its new surroundings.  He returned a few weeks ago (a year later) for a maintenance tuning.  In spite of its age, and being told previously the piano would never stay in tune, only a few notes had gotten truly out of tune.

On all three occasions Joel has been nothing but professional and spent what I feel is extra time an attention on this wonderful old piano.

Krista K. – Facebook
Joel was easy to work with and flexible on a date and time to come to Georgetown, DE, to tune my piano. He arrived early, worked quickly and gave me great advice about my piano as well as another used piano we purchased recently. Best of all, my piano sounds amazing! I would recommend Joel’s services to anyone!

N. Rockwell – Google
We recently moved and though we knew the piano would need tuning, we completely forgot to schedule it. Out of the blue, Joel gave us a call to see how we were and to ask if we would like another piano tuning since it had been over a year. With things being so busy, I was very grateful that Joel was keeping us in mind, not to mention that he was so flexible with his scheduling! Upon his prompt arrival, Joel got to work very quickly tuning our piano. He was very professional, answered all questions thoroughly and even made recommendations on our piano upkeep. Joel is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. We had a wonderful experience and definitely recommend him for piano tuning!

Gretchen W. – Angie’s List Non-Member Review
Joel was prompt and professional. His services were excellent and I will use him again!

Jill C. – Google
Joel’s service was great. He repaired and tuned our piano with care. It now plays 100 times better than before he was over. Highly recommend his services. –Jill

Cheryl P. – Angie’s List Non-Member Review
Piano tuning. Mr. Smith was punctual, courteous and very professional. He obviously knows his business well and our piano sounds great!

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    Joel did a great job on my piano – fast, friendly and extremely professional. I will recommend his service to anyone who needs their piano worked on. Thanks, Joel!

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