Kurtzmann Grand–The Finale

Spent the day at the client’s home, finishing the project


Left Pic – Action pulled, hammer mechanism removed…ready for white keys
Right Pic – White keys installed, hammer mech. back in place, ready to go back in….(several hours later)



Left Pic – Two of the damper flanges had broken free
Right Pic – Here’s the two flanges…the view your looking at is where the action(pictured above) normally resides…basically we’re deep inside the piano



Left Pic – Gluing the 1st flange…as you can see, there’s minimal access to this area…the wood block in the foreground is the right side cheek block(block of wood that normally sits to the right of the highest C key…the metal rod is a screwdriver blade, holding the “glued” section down
Right Pic – Slightly different view with my hammer weighting down the screwdriver blade…I’ll admit this is a bit of a Rube-Goldberg, but it worked…had to do this twice, once for each flange



Left Pic – Piano Life Saver System installed…this is a shot from the floor looking up at the bottom of the grand…black box in the upper right is the water tank for the humidification system…smaller black box (with plugs/cords) is the control unit…you can see the two black tubular de-humidification heater bars, and the curved piece in the lower left is the fill tube for the tank(this isn’t in it’s proper place yet…normally it rides along the curved rim of the piano)
Right Pic – Action installed, everything vacuumed out…ready for the fallboard(key cover), cheek blocks(those blocks at ends of the keyboard), and key slip(long skinny piece that sits in front of the keys)



Left Pic – Tuning and almost done
Right Pic – The coolest piano bench I’ve ever seen…as you lift the seat/lid, the music pocket section rotates up vertically…very neat!

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