More Wicomico MS Grand Work

Sciortino String CoilerCoil in string

Replacing a broken string. Picture above on left is using a Sciortino String Coiler to put a coil on the replacement string. Picture above right is after the coil is made.


String installed on tuning pinTightening string with string lifter

Picture above left shows the string on the tuning pin, with becket about to be placed into tuning pin hole. In the above right picture, I’m tightening the string and using a Coil Lifter to make sure the coils stay tight up the tuning pin.



The bass section on this grand was extremely dead. I loosened and un-hooked each bass string, wrapped a coil like the one shown above, ran the coil up to the dampers, then back again. Re-hooked the string and brought up to pitch. Worked great….bass response tremendously improved. (Basically what I did was break up any corrosion between the wrappings on the string) Wish I could take credit for this, but sadly, read about the technique in a book. Sure glad it worked.

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