Rental Grand at Eastern Shore Yacht & Country Club

grand at esycc

Baldwin Model L Rental Grand at the Eastern Shore Yacht & Country Club for a fundraiser for the Eastern Shore Community College in Melfa, VA. (I left the carpet squares under the castor cups so the performer could easily move the piano if he desired…which he did)

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Ivers & Pond Upright Action

Ivers & Pond upright action in the shop that needs some brass rail flanges, bridle straps, and some damper work done for a client in Berlin, MD.


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Cleaning a Hobart Cable Grand


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2 Piano Actions In the Shop

piano actions

2 piano actions I brought back Friday to work on…Altenburg in the front needs some hammer butt pins…Ivers & Pond Upright in the back needing “a lot”.

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Replacing Jack Pins

Replacing some jack pins where the jacks were sluggish on a Kohler & Campbell Console


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Tuning at University of Maryland – Eastern Shore today

Steinway D


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Yamaha Front Panel Repair

Part of being a piano tuner is also doing a multitude of different repairs. Cabinet work is one of those kinds of repairs. This is a Yamaha piano in a middle school. The top front panel became detached(not sure exactly how this happens), and someone masterfully duct taped it back together.  After pulling the duct tape off, I glued and clamped it together(harder than it sounds). After gluing, I also added screws, to help strengthen the joint.




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More Captain’s Table

This piano was moved out of a house in Salisbury, where it was played sporadically. Now being in The Captain’s Table restaurant and being played about 4 hours per night by Phil Perdue, the piano started exhibiting an interesting problem. After about 2 hours of playing, certain keys would just stop working. The next day/night the problem would be gone, only to return after about 2 hours of playing. I returned to The Captain’s Table and replaced the center(hinge) pins in the jack of the 2 keys most effected. This solved the problem for those notes, but more keys started to show the same issue. It was finally decided, that I would replace the center pins in the middle 4 octaves of the piano, so this past Friday I returned to do that. Below are pics of the action pulled out of the piano, removal of the top stack, and a couple of pics of the whippen, one with the jack removed.

So far, the repairs seem to have worked….Smile




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Captain’s Table Restaurant Piano

I was contracted to move this Samick Grand from a home in Salisbury to the Captain’s Table Restaurant in Ocean City, MD. This piano is played by Phil Perdue several nights a week. Several weeks after delivery, I returned to tune the piano and do some minor action adjustment.



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Steinway Grand Action Work

Steinway Grand in a local elementary school. Sluggish action, so I had to pull the action, remove the top action, and replace some center pins in some of the whippens and quite a few of the hammers




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