2 Pin Treatments This Week

I had 2 pin treatments this week. When pins won’t hold the tension of the string(s), the piano won’t stay in tune. There’s many solutions to loose pins, but one of the newest is to saturate the pin bushing with Cyanoacrylate (CA) Glue. Also known as Super Glue, the CA Glue wicks down through the wood surrounding the pin, swelling the wood, and then hardening. On vertical pianos, you need to tilt the piano onto it’s back, so the CA Glue will wick down around the pin. A piano tilter makes this job tremendously easier.


Left Pic – Piano tilted back
Right Pic – I use the fan to draw the fumes from the CA Glue away. The fumes tend to be hard on the eyes.


Left Pic – Piano Tilter
Right Pic – Piano Tilter in position


Left Pic – Piano tilted back
Right Pic – Treating the pins

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