Tuning Gaither Homecoming Tour Piano

In early September 2011, I received a frantic call from the Tour Manager of the Bill Gaither Homecoming Tour asking if I could come tune their stage piano that day. Fortunately I had my tuning stuff with me, so I headed on over. I was also taking my mother-in-law to the concert later that night, so I was able to see and hear the piano in action.


Left & Right Pic – Tuning Gaither Homecoming Tour Yamaha Grand on stage



Left Pic – Bill Gaither with his piano player Gordon Mote
Right Pic – Bill Gaither playing the piano



Left Pic – Gordon Mote playing the piano

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1 Response to Tuning Gaither Homecoming Tour Piano

  1. Soooo cool that you guys were involved with the Gaithers!!! This site looks so detailed and refined; pretty awesome find for Gaither Homecoming lovers too! 🙂

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