Shimming Key Tops & More Pedal Work

Forgot to post these next 2 pics earlier. Several of the keys, needed to be shimmed with a piece of veneer. Without shimming the Key Top would have been significantly lower than the Tail.


Left Pic – Veneer Shim about to be glued on
Right Pic- Shim glued on ready for Key Top


zelsman28 zelsman29

Left Pic – Drilling out and doweling “blown out” screw holes…Notice the mallet in the background? Family relative used to work in the Knabe Factory in Baltimore, MD. This was a mallet he used in the factory.

Right Pic – “Cleats” glued on backs of broken tabs to help stabilize them. “Blown-Out” screw holes filled with  glued dowels(larger holes) or glued-in wooden toothpicks(smaller holes)…old guitar repair technique.

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